Dee, my Autism Whisperer!
— Lisa, Mum
This training was invaluable - I cannot wait to get back to school and begin using some of the knowledge and strategies I got from today. Dee is great - personable, motivating and passionate!’
— Kerry, TA
I have had nothing but extremely positive feedback after your staff meeting. Several TAs said it was by far the best training they had ever had and everyone really enjoyed your passion, humour and engaging presentation. Your aim to get everyone to view ASD children differently and understand that their behaviour is linked to anxiety was clearly put across and we all learnt a huge amount.
— Susan, Senco
Dee was really helpful, in-fact probably the most helpful reports I have ever read relating to these children
— Julie, Head teacher
Every educational professional should attend this training - it has had such a positive impact on my staffs confidence
— Alan, SENC0
I feel like I have finally met my daughter! Thanks!
— Annie, Mum
Thank you Dee for everything you have done for our son and all the support you have given us during some very touch times. We wish that everyone had your commitment, empaths and knowledge of autism and your understanding of day to day difficulties faced by parents and carers. Thanks to your dedication, our understanding of our son’s condition has resulted in us becoming a closer family. Where once we felt helpless, we now feel confident that we can help him achieve everything he want to in life.
— Alan and Sarah, Parents.
Our son was diagnosed with autism in 2010, we knew little about the disorder at this time and struggled to deal with him on a daily basis. We first met Dee when she was working at our son’s school as the lead ASD teacher and it was clear from the start how dedicated she was. She was in constant contact offering help and assistance with any problems we had. Then she enrolled us into an autism parents programme, an intensive 10 week parenting course which she was running at the school. This was the turning point in our ability to deal and understand our son’s daily battle with his autism, she provided so much information/help and advice and throughout the course we put lots of routines/practices in place which we are still using and are still working today. Dee has an amazing ability to help us to see what our child sees/feels/experiences on a daily basis and in turn make our life and his less stressful. Our knowledge and understanding of autism has increased considerably since meeting her and it is clear to see that she has an incredible insight and understanding of this disorder, she is fiercely passionate about her job and this is plain to see as she goes above and beyond normal expectations. We consider her a valued friend and feel blessed to know her.
— Angie & Martin, Parents.