Advisory Package details

Our time can be used according to needs of the families and individuals and the families determine which ones are appropriate.


  •  Individual observation and brief report.
  •  Support with planning for children on the spectrum.
  • Whole class observations and brief report.
  • Initial observations of children and discussion of next steps.
  • Follow-up observations (Reviews)
  • Attending Meetings such as :TAC meetings, Case conferences, Annual reviews, IEP meetings, My Plan meetings.
  • Exploring Diagnoses with Children.
  • Advice on developing a range of relevant strategies and programmes to support the needs of the individual
  • Planning with class/subject teachers and support staff
  • Monitoring access to the national curriculum
  • Supporting transitions
  • Direct pupil working
  • Training: Autism Champions can carry out a range of training programmes for teachers, TAs, keyworkers, parents and guardians to enable them to meet the specific needs of children. Examples of training courses we have delivered in the past include Autism in the Mainstream classroom, Emotional regulations and your child, Introduction to SCERTS, Social stories, Autism and Inclusion and Introduction to Autism. 

We find that schools often pay for our  intervention by using Pupil Premium funding. There are other times when the school and the parents share the cost.